C O D Y   Y A N T I S


Instrumental, improvisational, and often string-based, the works of Cody Yantis tend to reside in the margins between tonality and noise. Experiences and ideas of environment provide consistent motivations as Yantis explores what David Teague has called "people suiting posture to place." A member of Saguache and Tilth, he also writes and works in visual media.


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27 April 2014

I'm beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of Line Drawings. This is a project that has been a couple of years in the making and now encompasses a range of artists, labels, and formats, all in an effort to forge community and create purposeful sound. Info about the project can be found here, and copies are now for sale over at Desire Path Recordings.


Resonant Memory (2014)

Starvation Winter (2013)

Place & Distance (2013)

American Surfaces (2013)

Strung Figments (2012)

Box Elder, Cold Scholar (2012)

Comet Lodge (2012)

Kerning (2011)

Upcoming Events

27 April 2014 | Denver, CO @ Counterpath Press